What to Do When Glasses Hurt Your Ears or Nose

What to Do When Glasses Hurt Your Ears or Nose

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Glasses can be functional and glasses can be fashionable but they can also be painful. Whether you are sporting frames for an hour or an entire day, it is not uncommon for wearers to experience ear or nose pain. The wrong frames can dig, pinch or slide across skin but this doesn’t need to be the case.

If you are experiencing pain behind your ears, across the bridge of your nose or are having problems with nose pads, there is always a way to fix the issue – but first you have to understand the cause.

Common Causes of Eyewear Related Pain

Behind the Ears: Your ears are under a lot of pressure – especially now. Between carrying frames, supporting masks and holding onto jewelry and ear buds, there is no wonder that glasses hurt ears. Any pain occurring behind the ears is likely a result of frames being too tight. If glasses are too small they will press into skin, having a negative impact on skin and circulation. Poor circulation can result in sore skin, redness and even headaches.

Solution: In most cases, this type of ear pain can be solved with a simple adjustment. If any tweaks are required, it is always better to let a professional handle them for you.

Bridge of the Nose: Noses are one of the main points of contact between skin and glasses. One of the most common forms of pain associated with eyewear is soreness associated with pressure left across the bridge of the nose. Ideally, frames should sit flush against skin but should rest comfortably. Fit is a contributing factor to the resting point of frames but so is weight.

Solution: In the same way that improper fit can be a contributing factor to pain behind the ears, an adjustment can eliminate pain along the bridge of the nose as well. In addition to a bad fit, heavy frames can also be a contributing factor. Plastic frames are very lightweight but metal frames can be heavy. When choosing new frames, it is important to consider the material for both short-term and long-term wear.

Nose Pads: When worn over long periods, nose pads can dig in, putting tons of pressure against the skin of your nose, leaving indentations behind. These marks can leave sore skin behind and they look awful.

Solution: Nose pads can be made out of a variety of material, including silicon, acetate and vinylon. Choosing the right material for nose pads can help to prevent allergic reactions while the right frame material can help to eliminate excessive weight.

Eliminating Pain Associated with Glasses

Identifying pain points is simple enough but solving them can be more complicated. Whether you are looking to cut excessive weight with a new pair of frames or have your current pair of glasses adjusted, a trip to the optician can set you right. Amateur attempts at adjustments can lead to costly breakage and even the need for replacement frames. Always consult an expert before attempting to readjust your glasses.

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