Trendy Glasses For Men in 2021

Trendy Glasses For Men in 2021

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As a complicated year comes to an end, many people are looking to the future, namely 2021. The beginning of a new year signals change, particularly in fashion – and eyewear is not exception. Whether you prefer minimalist styles or bold statement pieces, there is always a way to match your unique style while keeping on top of latest trends.

Glasses: A Necessity and an Accessory

The world of women’s accessories is broad, with tons of options for days, nights, events and business meetings but men’s glasses can easily be overlooked. Of course, sunglasses for men have always been stylized but it does not have to be sunny for your frames to make a statement.

Round Frames: Traditionally, round frames are associated with certain pop culture phenomenon. From wizards to rockstars, these Victorian-era frames have stood the test of time, regaining popularity cyclically. Thick frames can act as colourful statements, but there are also more subtle options available. By enlarging the frame’s size and opting for thinner rims or lighter metals, these smaller additions add a brand new look to a timeless classic.

Thin Rims: It can be difficult to balance the idea of having glasses be both functional and fashionable in every scenario. These frames are able to transition from day to night, both as focal points or as a subtle compliment to any outfit or occasion. When paired with neutrals, thin metal frames stand out, but when paired with wild styles or bright colours, these add an elegant but understated touch.

Wood Frames: Wood and bamboo frames are a rising star on trend lists across North America and on a global scale. These frames can be sustainably sourced and are a more eco-conscious alternative to heavy metals or plastics. A sustainable alternative might fit in with your values and lifestyle but they can also be made to fit your style needs, as well. With many options for wood types, finishes, face sizes and styles, wooden frames can be fully customized to meet the needs of the wearer.

Geometric Frames: For those with round faces, round frames can be unflattering but geometric shapes might just be the answer. With options ranging from octagons, hexagons, rectangles and squared edges, there are styles made to fit any face shape. These styles easily transition from day to night, meaning practicality and versatility, all wrapped up in eye-catching styles.

Blue Light Readers: With screen time on the rise, it is important for users to take a stand against strained eyes and tech fatigue. It is difficult enough to regulate this around news updates and series binges but this is even more important for those working remotely.

Choosing Your Frames: The Right Fit, The Right Feel

More than anything, the biggest trend for 2021 is the perfect fit. Before committing to a style of frame, make sure that it suits your needs, personality and lifestyle. Everything from face shape to skin tone can play in a role in what works and what doesn’t. If you are unclear about choosing the right pair of glasses for your unique needs, consult a professional before making a commitment.

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