Top 10 Female Celebs with Glasses

Top 10 Female Celebs with Glasses

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Get inspired by these icons of beauty and how they style themselves with glasses

Glasses are often associated with nerds and geeks and you want to avoid them at all costs. You may think glasses limit your style options and that you don’t look trendy, but these 10 female celebrities prove otherwise. Watch them kick ass with stylish looks!

The female celebrities listed here are often seen wearing glasses in public, on the red carpet and even onstage while receiving prestigious awards. You will find out that glasses have become the coolest trend and these celebs had a big part to play in that.

1.    Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan remains in the tabloids and the paparazzi for her iconic face and her style. She is often seen wearing glasses because of her vision problem. She often wears dark colored, rectangular rimmed glasses with her casual outfits that somehow make this bratty star look decent and sober.

2.    Demi Lovato

Demi is not afraid to get real when it comes to looks and style. She is one of the best casual dressers out there. She mostly prefers to take selfies and appears in the paparazzi with minimum make-up and a pair of thick-rimmed glasses. The glasses look super cool on the singer as they give her an edgy and trendy look wherever she goes.

3.    Cate Blanchett

As a reigning queen of Hollywood, Cate Blanchett often appears to talk on different subjects in universities and public forums. She is often spotted wearing glasses at these events. Glasses of course make her readings effortless and gives her a more intellectual look.

4.     Emmy Rossum

Emmy is often spotted wearing thick rimmed glasses when she is spotted by the paparazzi. The dark-haired beauty likes to mix it up with bold colored frames that gives an edge to her look.

5.      Lupita N’yongo

Lupita has often appeared on award shows and red carpets wearing thin rimmed glasses that look stylish and dignified on this Oscar-winner’s face. She wore the glasses at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards and she looked cooler than ever.

6.      Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez also wears glasses due to problems with vision but she manages to make them look extra cool and hip with animal print frames that goes quite nicely with her face.

7.      Lucy Hale

Lucy is a teen icon and a fashion trend setter with her iconic role in Pretty Little Liar as Aria Montgomery. She has inspired her fans and her co-stars to wear thick, black rimmed glasses that look edgy and cool on the young actress’ face.

8.      Jennifer Garner

As Jennifer Garner has started to spend some time away from the movies, Jennifer found out that she had vision problems. She embraced the glasses look and has been rocking the thin, steel-rimmed glasses for the past year.

9.      Patricia Arquette

While she was up there accepting an Oscar and rocking her women’s pay right equality speech, Patricia Arquette was also wearing red rimmed, cat eye glasses that made her look chic and trendy and people took her more seriously because she was wearing glasses.

10.   Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy makes wearing glasses look so natural and effortless. She is often spotted wearing bold color frames on the red carpet and on stage while presenting awards and hosting the show.

These ten female celebrities are not afraid to wear glasses because they know it is a part of their style statement and freaking own it.


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