The Timeline Behind The Brand “Carrera”

The Timeline Behind The Brand “Carrera”

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Inspired by the world’s most dangerous race, Wilhelm Anger named his sports goggles company after Carrera Panamericana in 1956. He believed that this race, being the longest and fastest in the world, was the future, just as he saw his cutting edge company.



An innovative plastic called Optyl was patented in 1964. It weighed 20% less than acetate and other thermoplastic materials. It was more durable and had the ability to adapt to the face.



The production of ski helmets and goggles was started at Carrera in 1970.



Interchangeable lenses were first added to ski goggles in 1974.



A new line of sports glasses was offered by Carrera in 1977.



Carrera collaborated with Ferdinand Alexander, Porsche car designer, in 1979 to create the Carrera Porsche Design Collection. This revolutionary line of sunglasses was the first foldable glasses, and they featured interchangeable lenses as well.



In 1981, prescription glasses were launched by Carrera. The sales network at Carrera expanded, including 16 countries with products sold in 80 countries.



The Boeing and Sunjet collection were introduced in 1986—two exclusive lines produced by Carrera.



In 1987, Carrera took a huge step forward in the world of athletics when they became the official sponsor of the America’s Cup in Perth, Austria.



Carrera saw more success in sports in 1988 as a sponsor for the Winter Olympic Games. Their ski masks were the most popular among the winning athletes. They also sponsored Formula One driver Gherardi Berger that year.



Carrera introduced its cycling collection in 1989 at the infamous Paris-Roubaix race. That year, they were also the most popular ski mask producer for the World Cup ski championships.



Carrera introduced their cycling goggles and helmet collection in 1990.



Carrera joined forces with the leader in the production of high-quality frames—the Safilo Group—in 1996.



In 1997, Carrera supported some of the best cycling teams at the Tour of Italy (Giro Italia).



Hermann Mayer from Austria won the World Cup in 2000.



Carrera sponsored Max Biaggi, Louis Capirossi, Roberto Locatelli, and Marco Melandri in 2002. These drivers were some of the most popular in the motorcycle circuit at that time.



The fiber helmet was released by Carrera in 2005—considered to be the ultimate in innovation technology.



The 50th anniversary celebration of Carrera was celebrated in 2006.



The first iconic style, the Champion was relaunched by Carrera in 2007.



Following the huge success that the Champion brought, Carrera led the fashion world in 2008 with its launch of the heritage models—Champion Endurance and Safari.



Carrera brought back the style and edge of their sunglasses when they began making optical glasses again in 2009.



Continuing on the path to success, Carrera ventured into the U.S. market in 2010.



In 2011, Carrera brought back their iconic Carrera 86 model with an updated package similar to the original.



Carrera launched one of its most popular models to date in 2012—the Carrera 6000. It features a distinctive design made in Optyl and has a bone temple.



Carrera began selling their revolutionary foldable helmet in 2013—it’s perfect for city life. The helmet is paired with their exclusive Carrera 6008 sunglasses. The iconic sunglasses were inspired by Carrera’s unique history.


The iconic Carrera 80 was also released in 2013. Its design is very similar to the Carrera80 aviator; it has a double bridge and is lightweight. It also comes with a cover that features the Carrera Victory C logo.



Following the previous year’s success of the Carrera women’s capsule collection by Jimmy Choo, Carrera and Choo collaborated to design the exclusive capsule collection for men.



In an attempt to rewrite their history and improve their brand, Carrera improved their popular Champion model by giving it new proportions, a better fit, and a more updated look.


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