Picking the Right Sunglasses For Winter

Picking the Right Sunglasses For Winter

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Sunglasses are a key accessory during warm months. From beach days to barbecues, a great pair of shades is a useful – and fashionable – accessory but as the mercury begins to drop, sunglasses are often thrown by the wayside. A warm coat or pair of mittens might be given top priority during cold weather but sunglasses are more important than ever during winter months.

Direct sunlight often acts as a reminder to protect your eyes, but UV rays are not limited to sunny days and blue skies. Snow, whether it is freshly fallen or has been accumulating over time is highly reflective. Snow blindness occurs when bright lights are reflected off of snow, causing vision impairment. Even at the best of times, this is uncomfortable but it can also be dangerous in situations involving winter sports. Instead of risking sore eyes or accidents, choose the right sunglasses to keep you safe and comfortable all winter long.

Key Characteristics When Choosing Sunglasses in Winter

It is common to choose sunglasses based on looks. The right pair of frames can leave wearers feeling confident and comfortable but when snow accumulation rears its head, there are few key factors that users should consider:

UV Protection: Just like sunscreen, there are different levels of UV protection available for eyewear. Opting for 100% or UV 400 protection means protecting eyes from both UVA and UVB rays. This is important for anyone but especially for children. In order to protect young eyes, sunglasses for kids should be outfitted with the highest UV protection.

Tint: Have you ever noticed that sunglasses come in a wide range of colours or tints? Depending on your level of activity or location, choosing the right colour lenses can make a huge difference to your quality of eye protection. Yellow lenses, for example filter out blue light, providing clearer vision in snowy environments. Dark lenses, such as grey, dark green or black are the best option for brighter areas with higher levels of reflection.

Fit: For those who enjoy spending their days outdoors, it is important to have the right fit and protection to meet your needs. Because snow is so reflective, light comes in at various angles. Wrap-around frames help to prevent light from coming in from odd angles. Consulting an eye care professional can help to choose the right fit for not only your face but your lifestyle as well.

In the past, sunglasses for women have been geared toward fashion over function, but those days are long gone. With more options for function and style in both women’s and men’s sunglasses, there is something for everyone.

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