Staff & Optometrist

Our team of experts.


Corporate Staff

Dr. Alan R. Boyco President and CEO Dr. Brad Macario Operations Advisor K. J. Bossons General Legal Counsel, B.C.S., Accountant CPA, & Controller T. Gorovenko Technical Services, and Roving Dispensing Clinic Manager

Eye Doctors

  • Dr. Alan R. Boyco, O.D.
  • Dr. TJ Dhaliwal, O.D.
  • Dr. Mannie Dhillon, O.D.
  • Dr. Kunwar Diwan, O.D.
  • Dr. Jasjit Gandham, O.D.
  • Dr. Morgan Hughes, O.D.
  • Dr. Michael Ing, O.D.
  • Dr. Deborah Jennings, O.D.
  • Dr. Navreen Kaler, O.D.
  • Dr. Luisa Lee O.D.
  • Dr. Laura Lin, O.D.
  • Dr. Brad Macario O.D.
  • Dr. Raj S. Minhas O.D.
  • Dr. Shaun Pati, O.D.
  • Dr. Ian Scholfield, O.D.
  • Dr. Darren Singh, O.D.
  • Dr. Gordon Wong, O.D.
  • Dr. Phillip Xue, O.D.
  • Dr. Manpreet Khangura, O.D.
  • Dr. Phillip Yang, O.D.
  • Dr. Michael Yau, O.D.

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