Keep Your Sight and Style – Fashion Reading Glasses

Keep Your Sight and Style – Fashion Reading Glasses

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Anyone who wears reading glasses has gone through the feeling of sacrificing your looks for your sight.

But things have changed.

The guy wearing glasses isn’t the nerd or the loser anymore.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

Men’s designer reading glasses have gotten to the point where wearing the accessory can actually make you look better.

Those who don’t always wear glasses naturally gain confidence in their abilities when they have them on.

Now, you can feel confident in both your abilities and your looks.

Wearing the right glasses has become a fashion-forward look, used by many Hollywood stars and professional athletes to convey attractiveness.

Heck, in the UK there’s even a dating specifically designed for people who wear glasses.

Of course there’s the option to forego men’s designer reading glasses, but it’s a significant risk.

Not only are other glasses going to hinder your looks, there’s a chance they will actually hurt your sight.

Should a Man’s Glasses Be Noticeable?

Like mentioned before, there’s a traditional school of thought that says glasses should be unobtrusive.

The problem is that that’s not really possible, you just become a man in thin glasses.

That may not work for every man or be the best look for every man’s face.

On some, it may even take a strong profile and make it look less attractive.

More modern fashions have embraced the idea of glasses as an expression of style, the same way neckties, pocket squares or even fancy socks are worn.

Shape and color of frames can become a part of your visual identity.

And, for most men that’s going to be the right choice — though like any accessory, it’s important to keep the glasses in their place.

They should complement your style, not define it.

A pair of glasses that’s the most memorable thing about it risks becoming a novelty rather than a stylish accent.

So exercise some restraint.

Frame Materials

There are dozens of different chemicals and alloys used to make eyeglass frames.

Plastics and nylon-based composites are usually used for brightly-colored glasses, though painted metals are also available.

Zylonite (sometimes called “zyl”) is lightweight, affordable, and available in just about any color you can think of.

Higher-end sports glasses can be equally colorful, but are made from more flexible nylon materials.

Titanium and titanium alloys are popular metals for their light weight and flexibility.

Be cautious of cheaper blended metals if you have sensitive skin — most alloys used for eyeglass frames include nickel, which some people have a contact allergy.

Aluminum frames are cheap, but not very durable.

Vanity Glasses

Some men just look better in glasses.

If you think you’re one of them but you don’t happen to need eyeglasses, there are “vanity frames” or “costume glasses” available that have plain window glass inside the frames.

They have no effect on your vision, other than the occasional reflective flare or fogging issues.

If glasses really seem to make a noticeable difference for the better, you should certainly be open to the idea of non-prescription glasses — it’s no different from any other bit of jewelry or accenting that you might add to suit your personal taste — but be prepared to pay a reasonably steep price.

Frames are usually priced with the expectation that most customers have insurance covering part of their costs.

As a man with healthy vision, you’ll be footing the whole bill.


There are an endless variety of options when shopping for your next pair of glasses.

But think about this.

The glasses you wear around are not just showing you the world.

They are the first glimpse the world has to seeing you, they’re the first thing others will see when they look at you.

If you care about your looks and vision, a pair of designer men’s reading glasses is the only option.

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