Join Our Image Optometry Team

Join Our Image Optometry Team

Join Our Image Optometry Team

Image Optometry is a group of optometrists bound together by a common mission:

Total eyecare under one roof

Toward that end our affiliated doctors commit themselves to providing a broad scope of professional services through the integration of primary medical liaising, to specialized ophthalmologic, and eyeglass, and contact lens therapy This Medical Model of Practice is the cornerstone of our shared philosophy of patient care.

Why are we a group?

We are a group because together we have a better chance of competing in the primary vision care market against large, multi unit, corporate optical companies, (The Bay, Walmart, Costco), and multi-specialty retailers (Lenscrafters, Pearle), non-doctor owned eyecare chains (Iris, Hakim), organized, and independent “sight testers” and managed care companies. Together they present a serious threat to a doctor’s practice, and the ability to maintain market share, access to patients and reasonable pricing on professional services and optical products.

How does it work?

It starts with a clear mission, Total eyecare under one roof, that consequently infuses all aspects of our strategies. If you were a member of the group, your practice would immediately have access to all elements of these strategies as well as the products, processes and salient market placement that support their delivery. And you would be part of our multiple locations who are presenting a similar position to our patients, a position that favorably differentiates your practice from the competition. Moreover, as a group acting en masse, we are a much more compelling entity to large corporate contracts looking for groups that can provide a consistent quality of care to their covered populations.


The delivery channel for primary care is changing. Divided, independent professional practices have increasingly lost market share to large, multi-unit commercial optical chains. At the same time non-professionals have cut dramatically into our pricing and margins.

Consolidation via cooperation among like minded ‘doctor’s only’ is the only way we see of reversing this trend. We are asking you to consider doing what we have already successfully done ourselves and continue to do – converging as a group and investing in the group to insure its current success and continued growth. In the end we are confident that you, like all of our members, will see that your contributions show up in the short term profitability and long term value of your practice.

Come grow with us!

We have many openings for full-time, and part-time Receptionists, Opticians, Optometric assistants, Lab techs, Frame Stylists, and Doctors in our clinics & Stores. Knowledge is always helpful; but we will train the right person. So come and join IMAGE Optometry, the FASTEST growing optometric chain in Western Canada and establish yourself HERE! Self motivated individuals can find the career of their lifetime!!!

If you have a question or a comment please feel free to call us directly.

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