How to Fix Cross Eyes Naturally?

How to Fix Cross Eyes Naturally?

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Is it possible to fix cross eyes naturally? Crossed eyes are also known as “strabismus” and it may be possible to correct them naturally without the use of surgery.    

What are Crossed Eyes?

Crossed eyes happen when some of the muscles around the eyes are weaker than others. Different optical messages are sent to the brain; however, the brain will ignore those signals that are weaker. This can cause the eyes to move in different directions, resulting in impaired vision.

If your child has a crossed eye, the problem may not always be easily noticed by you. In some children, strabismus can be slight and hard to detect other than by a trained optometrist. This is why it’s important that children have an eye exam before the age of three so that conditions such as crossed eyes can be diagnosed early.

One of the most obvious signs of strabismus is that the eyes don’t look at that same place together at the same time. One eye may move in a different direction:

  •         Esotropia – looking inward
  •         Exotropia – looking outward
  •         Hypertropia – looking upward
  •         Hypotropia – looking downward

Other signs include tilting the head to one side to try and see better, squinting with just one eye for clearer focus, and poor depth perception.

If crossed eyes are not corrected, the stronger eye will continue to do most of the work, causing the untreated eye to weaken even more. Eventually, the weaker eye may become partially blind from not being used at all.

Children and Crossed Eyes

Strabismus most often develops in babies and young children. This condition doesn’t get better as a child grows older, so early detection and treatment make it easier to correct. Crossed eyes can also be seen in adults who have suffered a head trauma or had a stroke.

Causes of Crossed Eyes

There are several different causes of crossed eyes.

  •        Genetic
  •        Farsightedness that has been left untreated
  •        Weak muscles around the eyes
  •        Amblyopia

Crossed eyes can’t be prevented, as the underlying causes can’t be predicted or controlled. Strabismus isn’t something that happens because your child is getting too much screen time.

Natural Treatment

Correcting crossed eyes can often be done without surgery using a variety of methods. Treatment will depend on how severe the condition is.

Eyeglasses/Contact Lenses

Using glasses or contacts is most often used when strabismus is due to farsightedness. Glasses are used to temporarily straighten the eye and may need to be worn on a regular basis. In many cases after the age of nine, farsightedness and crossed eyes will have been corrected, so glasses are no longer necessary.


Patching is a common method used for treating strabismus. The good eye is covered up, strengthening the weak eye by making it work harder. This stimulation of the weak eye can correct crossed eyes without the use of surgery. In some cases, patching may not be able to correct depth perception.

Eye Drops

Instead of patching the weaker eye, medicated eye drops can be used. Drops are put into the good eye so that it is temporarily blurred, forcing the weaker eye to do all the work.

Eye Exercises

Eye exercises may be used along with other treatment to help improve eye coordination.

If your child is exhibiting symptoms of crossed eyes, call Image Optometry in the Vancouver area to book an appointment.  


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