How to Adjust Glasses

How to Adjust Glasses

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Sometimes your glasses aren’t sitting quite right. Perhaps you’ve sat on them, or squashed them in your handbag, and they’re now bent out of shape? Or maybe you’ve found a pair in store that you really like, but they don’t quite fit properly?

Either way, we can help you. At Image Optometry we offer a glasses fitting service, ensuring your glasses are tailored to your face shape from the start.

And if you find they require a little bit of re-tweaking later down the line, please read on! We’ve got a couple of tricks up our sleeve that will allow you to adjust your glasses at home.

Choosing glasses that fit 

It’s important to have glasses that fit your face, regardless of whether you’re after reading glasses or prescription glasses.

This means the bridge sits comfortably on your nose, the frame is level with your eyebrows, the temple arms reach just beyond your ears (not all the way round), and your pupils are aligned to the centre of the lenses.

Your glasses should NOT:

  •         Squeeze the side of your head
  •         Touch your eyebrows
  •         Slip when you move your head

If your glasses don’t fit properly, not only will they be uncomfortable, but they may not even work properly. This is because the lenses may be off-centre, meaning they won’t actually be correcting your vision as they are designed to do.

And what good are a pair of glasses that are uncomfortable and don’t work? Not much! It’s likely that as a result you won’t bother to wear your glasses so much, which isn’t good for your eyes.

Adjusting glasses in store 

To avoid this, you need to ensure that you select the right frame for you.

When you buy a pair of glasses at Image Optometry, our experts can recommend what style will best suit your face shape. Different people will have different requirements. For example, those will rounds faces often find that rectangular frames work best, while those with square faces typically prefer frames that are wider than their cheekbones.

Once you’ve made your decision, we can then provide a glasses fitting service, making those little adjustments that will make your glasses all the more comfortable.


how to adjust glasses

However, it’s worth noting that some glasses are easier to adjust than others. For example, temple arms are adjustable to a certain extent. If they are far too long and reach all the way round your ears, it might be better to look for a different glasses frame.

When you choose a pair of glasses in-store, we can help you understand what kind of adjustments can be made to different frames. This will better inform your decision, ensuring you pick something can be modified to fit you.

How to adjust glasses at home 

If you’ve already got your glasses, situations sometimes arise where they need adjusting.

Glasses are often subject to the wear and tear of everyday life. After all, they can be fragile, and being relatively small they often get sat on, stepped on, or squashed in some way.

As a result, your glasses might stretch and start slipping down your nose, or they might go the other way and start squeezing the side of your head. Other times the bridge will sit too high or too low on your nose, the arms will be too wide for your head, or will curve too far round your ears.

If so, you’ll want to adjust them for a better fit. But the matter of how to adjust glasses largely depends on what your frame are made of – metal or plastic.

How to adjust glasses that are metal 

Image By Dori via Wikimedia Commons

If you have metal frames you can normally adjust them manually. Metal is malleable and metal frames don’t usually need additional heat to make them bend.

If the nose pads are two wide or narrow, simply push them out or in until they fit the bridge of your nose.

If the arms are too wide or too narrow for your head, pull or push them until they sit comfortably on either side of your temples.

How to adjust glasses that are plastic 

Plastic frames are a little harder to adjust and require greater caution. However it is possible to adjust them by applying some heat. Running the frames under warm water, or placing them under a hairdryer for 30 seconds, is typically enough to make them bendy. You can then adjust them as you need.

But please be careful with the heat and take care not to burn yourself. Also remember not to expose the lenses to any heat as it could damage them. Because of the risks involved, it is best to ask an expert for help when adjusting plastic glasses frames.

You should also return to your eye doctor if it’s the lenses that are causing you trouble. For example, your vision is not being properly corrected. You cannot adjust your own lenses and you must ask your optometrist to fix the problem.

Glasses fitting service 

At Image Optometry we’re your one-stop shop for things glasses! We offer comprehensive eye exams that will ensure you get the correct prescription lenses to effectively correct your vision.

You can then choose your glasses frames from one of our 12,000 unique styles. You’ll find them all on our online store, the biggest online optical store in the world! Or you can shop in-store, where you’ll also receive further advice from our experts as to the style of frame that would best fit you.

We can help you understand more about how to adjust glasses for maximum comfort and functionality, and will make these adjustments on your behalf if possible.

Book an appointment to find out more. If you bring a friend along with you for an appointment before December 31st, you’ll also receive a pair of free Canucks tickets.

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