How Often Should You Get an Eye Exam?

How Often Should You Get an Eye Exam?

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It does not take 20/20 vision to see why regular eye exams are important. Despite how valuable these check-ups are, many people go years without visiting an eye doctor. It is a common misconception that visits the optometrist are only for those who wear glasses or contacts. More than just checking the sharpness of vision, these in-depth exams can shed a light on overall health conditions, as well.

What Can an Eye Exam Tell You?

Whether you are experienced with lenses and frames or see yourself as having perfect vision, visits to the eye doctor are a must. In the same way that dental health is important to the body, so are your eyes. No matter how far apart they might be, every organ in your system is connected in one way or another.

Many diseases are slow forming, not showing symptoms right away but taking time to develop. Beginning stages of many of these illnesses can be found through a comprehensive eye exam:

Comprehensive Eye Exams: annual exams that focus on vision and overall health. These appointments can identify:

  • Diabetes
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High Cholesterol
  • Lupus

These conditions might not show obvious signs elsewhere but they are apparent in the form and functions of the eye. These first insights can help eye doctors urge their patients to see a general practitioner for proper care and more in-depth assessments.

Degenerative eye conditions are a dime a dozen. While these might be common, no one ever suspects that they have one – until symptoms become severe. These diseases are not always preventable fully but they can be improved or even delayed when caught early on. Over time, eye diseases can cause blurriness, blind spots or headaches and can lead to loss of vision. That is why in-depth exams like these should be carried out once a year.

Routine Eye Exams: Your exam schedule should be carried out according to your needs and whether or not you have preexisting conditions. For those without eye conditions, exams should be carried out roughly every five years. For those with glasses, exams are often carried out when a new prescription is needed. The details of your insurance will usually decide how often policy holders can have a covered exam.

Don’t Avoid the Eye Doctor

When it comes to a routine eye exam, costs are one of the key features that keep potential patients away. With unexpected household costs occurring nearly every day, it can be difficult to schedule an expensive check-up. Luckily, B.C. Optometrists accept many forms of payments and are covered by many different types of insurance.

It does not take much time to book an eye exam but when performed regularly, these appointments can help to preserve vision for a lifetime. How often you should have your eyes checked relies on a number of factors including family history, underlying health conditions and whether or not glasses or lenses are already a part of your daily life. When in doubt, call a professional to create a schedule that works for you.

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