How Do Contact Lenses Work?

How Do Contact Lenses Work?

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Contact lenses are a staple in nearly every household across North America. It is easy to overlook these useful tools as just another part of your daily routine but few people stop to think about how lenses work.

From Initial Ideas to Medicine Cabinet Musts

Contacts are a modern solution to an ancient problem. The thin, flexible hydrogel lenses that we know and love today have come a long way since their original designs. From Da Vinci’s design to Mueller’s glass prototypes, all the way into the 1960’s, your lenses have come a long way. A bit of history might provide context but it does not answer the question of “what makes it work?”.

It is a common misconception that our eyes are what allows us to see. While this is in part true, it is really the brain that sees for us. Think of this relationship like a computer. The computer itself is processing the information and creating an image but this would be useless without a screen to show it on. The lower the brightness is set on your device, the more difficult it is to make out images and your vision is no different.

In the same way that glasses can, contact lenses work by directing and focusing light rays into the right area of the retina. If light is not sent to the right area, refractive errors can be expected. Instead of spending time plagued by vision problems when it is easier than ever to make soft contact lenses a part of your eye care routine.

Loving Your Lenses: Type, Style and Use

Depending on the unique needs of the wearer, types of contact lenses can range from one-time use to those that you can clean and store over longer periods. Whether you prefer weekly, monthly or disposable lenses, these all work in the same way: by sticking to the tear fluid on the surface of each eye. As hydrated lenses cling to eyes, they should fit seamlessly and allow contact lens wearers to not only correct vision but to provide relief from peripheral problems as well.

In the same way that you visit a G.P. for an annual physical, it is important to make visits to your eye doctor, as a part of your health care routine. A single eye exam can help to determine what shape and types of lenses will work best for you. Simple magnification or focus is one thing but the right prescription and lens type can help to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness and manage astigmatism.

Whether in a frame or on your eye, lenses have a distinct shape. The inner surfaces of lenses are designed to stick to the eye directly. In order to make this happen, the shape of eyes are measured to create a perfect fit. Outer surface shape is measured by an optometrist in diopters and becomes a part of your prescription.

How Contact Lenses Work: Getting a Prescription and Taking First Steps

Not everyone has on optometrist on call but that does not mean that you can’t wear contact lenses! There are plenty of walk-in optometrists in your community that are more than happy to offer up an appointment for an eye exam and to help clients find their perfect fit and prescription. Once you’ve got a prescription in hand, wearers have in-store options to purchase or can opt to buy Canadian contact lenses online.

When it comes to caring for an eye, focusing on lenses alone can lead to serious problems. If you are looking to make the jump from classic frames to contact lenses, proper care is key. It is simple to say “wash your hands” before applying or removing a lens but forgetting this simple step can lead to an eye infection. Make sure to speak to an eye care professional before purchasing – or using – contacts for the first time.

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