How to Prevent Glasses Fog Under Ski Goggles

How to Prevent Glasses Fog Under Ski Goggles

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The ski and snowboard season is truly upon us! Here in British Columbia we’re blessed with some of the best ski areas on the planet, from the world-renowned resort at Whistler, to the Powder Highway in the Kootenay Rockies.

But while everyone will be excited to dust off their boots and find their ski legs, for some there will be an overhanging problem to resolve – what to do if you wear glasses.

There have long been ski goggles designed to fit over glasses. Yet this in itself can lead to another problem, as a lot of people find that glasses fog under ski goggles.

If this has ever happened to you, you’ll know that trying to make your way down a piste (or indeed, off-piste) without being able to see where you’re going is just a little bit tricky. Not to mention pretty dangerous.

Prevent glasses fog under ski goggles

So what can you do?

Well the most obvious solution is to wear contact lenses. But we understand that contact lenses aren’t a feasible option for everyone. Some people find them way too uncomfortable, or just can’t wear them due to the shape of their eye.

OK, so what if contact lenses are out of the question? Our advice is to explore the following options:

1. Manage the moisture

When we ski or snowboard, our bodies become a lot warmer than the air around us. If the warm air from our breath or body comes into contact with the pocket of cold air contained in your ski goggles, it will rapidly cool down, creating a film of condensation or ‘fog’ on your glasses.

To stop this from happening, we suggest that you avoid overheating. The more heat that is radiating from your body, the more likely your glasses are to fog up

Of course you’ll still need to stay warm! But you should take care that your clothing isn’t causing your breath to be channelled directly into your goggles and onto your glasses. You could try leaving space between your neck warmer and goggles for greater airflow. You can even get goggles with air vents or miniature fans for increased ventilation.

Lastly, try wearing your goggles and glasses at all times. If you keeping putting them on your head, the warmth of your body will quickly cause them to fog up.

2. Use anti-fog solution

There are various anti-fog products for those whose glasses fog under ski goggles. You could try using anti-fog spray from popular brands such as Cat Crap or See-Kleer. Or you could try anti-fog cloths and wipes, which are typically made out of microfiber and help to wick the moisture away. There’s a wide variety available, including Smith No-Fog Cloths and Clarity Defog It.

3. Get glasses with anti-fog coating

Alternatively, you can get glasses lenses with anti-fog properties. Different manufacturers now make lenses with an anti-fog coating, known technically as hydrophobic coatings. Hydrophobic essentially means water-resistant, and the thin layer of titanium dioxide in the lenses effectively repels water molecules. This prevents moisture from settling on your glasses while you’re out in the mountains.

4. Get prescription ski goggles

Or why not do away with your glasses altogether? And no, you don’t have to resort to contact lenses – instead you can simply get prescription ski goggles. It’s possible to take your glasses prescription and create a ski goggle lens with the exact same prescription. That way you don’t even have to worry about taking your glasses skiing, let alone glasses fog.

The one downside of prescription ski goggles is that your eyes – and therefore your prescription – can change. There may come a time when your vision has deteriorated further and you need a stronger prescription. If so, your goggles may need updating too.

See while you ski!

You may need to try out a few different methods before finding the one that works for you. But hopefully with the right approach, you’ll be able to enjoy this year’s ski season more than ever.

Now finally, perhaps for the first time in a long time, you’ll be able to see while you ski! Hopefully that will leave you with renewed energy to enjoy some of the fantastic events that are taking place across the country this season, from the Whistler Pride and Ski Festival to the Rossland Winter Carnival, one of Canada’s oldest winter celebrations.

Speak to an expert

At Image we can help you explore ways to prevent glasses fog under ski goggles. We can recommend anti-fog solutions, prescribe lenses with an anti-fog coating, and fit you for prescription goggles.

Or if you would like to explore the surgical route, we offer a pre-surgery consultation, during which you can find out more about the procedure. If we believe you are a good candidate for laser eye surgery, we can refer you to a specialist, and will provide specialist post-surgical care.

To tackle glasses fog under ski goggles once and for all, book an appointment with one of our eye doctors.

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