Family Eye Care | Children and the Elderly

Family Eye Care | Children and the Elderly

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family eye care

Eye care is absolutely essential for everyone, irrespective of age or status in life. Perfect vision allows you to live life comfortably. That’s why it is really important that every member of your family knows how to care for their eyesight and when it’s time to demand expert care from a specialist. Here are some tips to follow for efficient family eye care.

Eye Care for Children

Eyes are very delicate and they can be damaged fairly easily. Small kids should not allowed to play with sharp objects without supervision. Protective eye gear is a good investment for your kids if they like to play with small items that can come in contact with the eyes, i.e.: paints or glitter. Discourage your children from rubbing their eyes too frequently to avoid excessive pressure from being put on the delicate tissue and the eyeballs. Teach them to wash their hands thoroughly before touching their eyes. If your child seems to have trouble reading or identifying colors right from an early age, consult an optometrist immediately and follow their advice, especially if vision correction is required.

Children between the ages of 0 to 18 are entitled to a Doctor’s eye exam through the BC Medical Services Plan (MSP or BC CareCard) for no charge and no ‘out of pocket’ fees or copay charges at Image Optometry.

Eye Care for Elders 

Elders may face several problems related to eyesight especially if they failed to take adequate precautions during their younger years. As we age, several problems like cataracts,  glaucoma and macular degeneration can silently steal vision away. While cataracts are not a disease but more of an aging process (like grey hair).  Cataracts can be easily dispatched through routine intervention, but glaucoma is a much grimmer eye problem that is often associated with age related eye ailments.  Glaucoma is a very insidious disease that while avoidable, it irreversible if undetected for too long, surgery may become necessary if not taken care of early and any heretofore vision loss is permanent.  So too is macular degeneration, the best cure is early detection, and lifestyle changes as treatment after the fact is still very rudimentary.

Elders may avoid routine eye care due to monetary constraints. Fortunately, eye exams are completely covered by your BC CareCard Medical Services Plan (MSP), which entitles seniors aged 65 and above government paid eye examinations with no copay fees or charges out of pocket.

Vision For a Healthy & Happy Family

Regular eye checkups are the most important component of a family eyecare plan. Exercising regularly, maintaining a proper diet, blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels are also important. Avoid smoking as it increases the progression of macular degeneration and cataracts.

Make sure every member of the family has a well-rounded diet complete with all the necessary nutrients (especially the inclusion of dark green and colorful vegetables).  Enjoy the outdoors (with sunglasses – even on cloudy days) and include plenty of physical activity for everyone.

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