Six Eye Exercises to Improve Vision

Six Eye Exercises to Improve Vision

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There is a lot of debate as to whether eye exercises can really improve your vision.

There aren’t any scientific studies that show eye exercises can successfully restore your vision, but there’s a lot of hearsay evidence to the contrary, with countless people saying exercises have significantly improved their eyesight.

Visit an eye doctor first

First things first. If you’re experience poor vision or any other eye symptoms, you should visit an eye doctor before attempting any self-cure remedies.

An eye doctor will be able to diagnose whether your symptoms are being caused by refractive errors, such as short sightedness, long sightedness or astigmatism. If so, you will need corrective eye wear to resolve your vision issues.

Alternatively, your symptoms might be due to a more serious underlying condition. Again, an eye doctor will be able to identify if this is the case, and will recommend a course of treatment.

It’s important to take this step before trying out any eye exercises. Then you can rest assured that your symptoms aren’t being caused by something more sinister which requires immediate medical attention.

Can eye exercises improve vision?

An eye doctor can also talk to you more about eye exercises to improve vision, and will recommend whether or not they are safe for you to try.

Please note, there are no scientific studies that prove eye exercises work. In fact one company in America was even taken to court for selling eye exercise programs.

The company, called Vision Improvement Technologies, promised that their ‘See Clearly Method’ kits would improve vision through a program of eye exercises. In 2005, the Attorney General of Iowa filed a lawsuit against the company on the grounds that it was making fraudulent claims. The case ended with Vision Improvement Technologies pulling the product from the market.

Yet there are plenty of people out there who are certain that eye exercises have either improved their vision, or halted the deterioration of their eyesight.

So despite there being no scientific data to support this theory, you might want to give eye exercises a try anyway. After all, it’s only natural to want to promote your eye health. And as long as you’ve consulted an eye doctor first, and you follow the instructions carefully, you won’t come to any harm.

Six eye exercises to improve vision

If you do want to give it a go, here are six exercises that you can try at home, at work, or even on the bus. Those who have reported improved vision as a result of eye exercises say that they should be done regularly, so be patient and persistent!


Palming helps to reduce the tension around the eyes, allowing them to relax.

How to do it: after washing your hands, rub your palms together, just as you would when trying to warm your hands up in cold weather. Close your eyes and press your warm palms gently to your eyes, with the bottom of your palms resting on your cheek bones. Don’t place too much pressure on your eyes – you should still be able to blink. Keep your hands in position for around 20 seconds, and repeat if desired.

2.Moving your eyes in different directions

Moving your eyes in different directions helps to exercise the eyes, improving strength and flexibility.

How to do it: keep your head still and move your eyes to the left. Focus on what you see. Then move your eyes to the right, and again focus on what you see. Next move your eyes up, then move them down. After you’ve done this a few times, you can progress to making a figure of 8 with your eyes. To do this, look at the ground about six feet in front of you and draw a figure of 8 with your eyes. Keep your head still! Repeat a few times.

3.Near and far focusing

Near and far focusing will strengthen the eyes.

How to do it: while sitting or standing still, focus on an object that is about 10 inches in front of you. Not a TV screen or computer! If you don’t have something to place 10 inches from your face, you can always use your thumb. After about 15 seconds, shift your focus to something that is about 10 feet away from you. Again, focus on this for 15 seconds, and repeat the process a few times.


Zooming helps to improve the eye’s ability to focus.

How to do it: hold a pencil or your thumb (in the thumbs up position) about three inches from your face. Focus on your thumb or pencil while you move it backwards until your arm is outstretched. Repeat the process for a couple of minutes, all the while keeping your focus on your thumb or pencil.


Massage helps to improve blood circulation to the eyes, and if done properly, will also help them to relax.

How to do it: wash your hands and place your index and middle fingers to your temples, making gentle circular motions. Then being even more gentle, place the same fingers on your eyelids and make the same circulation motion. Continue for as long as you wish.


Blinking refreshes the eyes, helping to reduce eye strain. This exercise in intended for those who focus on one object (typically a TV or computer screen) for long stretches.

How to do it: take a break from whatever you are doing and blink once every three to four seconds. Continue for a couple of minutes.

Speak to an expert

While eye exercises may feel more natural and holistic, they are far from guaranteed to improve your vision. The only assured way to do that is to get expert advice from an optometrist. You may need prescription glasses, reading glasses or you could even be a candidate for laser eye surgery.

Furthermore, your poor vision might actually be a sign of another medical condition that requires treatment. This is something that eye exercises cannot account for, and it’s dangerous to continue with eye exercises without investigating the cause of your symptoms first. Six Eye Exercises to Improve Vision

To find out more about what is causing your vision loss, book an appointment for a comprehensive exam.


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