Walk In Eye Exam Near Me (British Columbia)

Walk In Eye Exam Near Me (British Columbia)

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Looking for a walk in eye exam near you? We have 19 optometry stores situated across British Columbia, Canada, all offering eye exams carried out by our specialist eye doctors.

We offer everything you need for your vision, and many of our services can be covered by your Medical Services Plan (MSP). Our comprehensive eye exams are extremely affordable, and our famous deal means you can get an eye exam and a pair of glasses for just $89.95. We can diagnose, monitor and treat eye conditions such as cataracts, glaucoma and age-related macular degeneration. And we can advise you on laser corrective eye surgery, providing pre and post-operative care.

Along with providing affordable eye care to the public, we’re also the official eye doctors for the Vancouver Canucks, the BC Lions and the Vancouver Whitecaps F.C. To celebrate this, we’re giving away Canucks tickets when you bring a friend for an eye exam before December 31st,2017!   

Come visit one of our stores to find out more, book your eye exam online, or call us on 604-685-3937.

You can find us in the following locations:


Broadway – Kitsilano (3049 West Broadway, Vancouver V6K 2G9, call 604-332-8897)

Broadway – Fairview (716 West Broadway, Vancouver V5Z 1G8, call 604-874-3937)

Dunbar (4250 Dunbar Street, Vancouver V6S 2E9, call 604-293-3937)

Kingsway (3353 Kingsway, Vancouver V5R 5K6, call 604-438-6122)

East Hastings (2534 East Hastings Street, Vancouver V5K 1Z2, call 604-251-3937)

West Vancouver

Park Royal Mall (#908 Park Royal South, West Vancouver V7T 1H9, call 604-990-3937)


Lougheed Town Centre (#219 Lougheed Town Centre 9855 Austin Ave., Burnaby V3J 1N4, call 604-220-3937)


Coquitlam Centre Mall (2929 Barnet Hwy #1220 – Coquitlam Centre, Coquitlam V3B 5R5, call 604-942-3273)

Barnet Highway (#101 Aberdeen Square Shopping Centre 2764, Barnet Highway, Coquitlam V3B 1B9, call 604-942-1642)


Guildford Town Centre Mall (#1272 Guildford Town Centre, 152nd Street, Surrey V3R 7B7, call 604-584-3937)

Surrey Central Shopping Centre (#1147 Central City Surrey Place Mall 10153 King George Hwy, Surrey V3T 2W1, call 604-951-3937)


Scottsdale Centre (7117 120th Street, Delta, V4E 2A9, call 604-597-9794)


Willowbrook Shopping Centre (#317 Willowbrook Shopping Centre 19705 Fraser Highway, Langley V3A 7B9, call 604-539-9733)


Seven Oaks Shopping Centre (#331 Seven Oaks Shopping Centre 32900 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford V2S 5A1, call 604-556-3937)

Parallel Marketplace (#110 Parallel Marketplace 1900 North Parallel Road, Abbotsford V3G 2E3, call 604-859-3937)


Cottonwood Mall (#35A Cottonwood Mall 45585 Luckakuck Way, Chilliwack V5R 5K6, call 604-847-3673)

Vancouver Island

Woodgrove Centre (#144 – 6631 Island Hwy N, Nanaimo, V9T 4T7, call 250-933-3937)

Mayfair Shopping Centre (647 3147 Douglas Street, Victoria, V8Z 6E3, call 250-999-3048


Orchard Park (#1506 – 2271 Harvey Avenue, Kelowna V1Y 6H2, call 250-999-3007

The importance of regular eye exams

Regular eye exams are important for your overall eye health.


Firstly because it’s the only way to ensure you are using the correct prescription glasses or contact lenses for your eyes.

Maybe you think this isn’t necessary because you don’t even wear glasses and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with your vision. We often hear this from our walk in eye exam customers, but sometimes the reality is that they’ve simply become accustomed to having below par eyesight. When the test results reveal that they could benefit from prescription lenses, they’re surprised to hear it!

Most commonly our customers will have been living with a refractive error, such as short sightedness, farsightedness, or an astigmatism (where the lens or cornea isn’t perfectly round). And when given the right prescription, they realize for the first time that in fact their vision was far from perfect, and they can now see the road signs up ahead or read a newspaper without squinting. And then all those other niggles that they’d been overlooking, like headaches and tired eyes, disappear.

If you do already wear glasses or use contact lenses, you still need to have regular eye exams. This is because it’s normal for our vision to deteriorate over time, so it might be that the glasses you’re currently using simply aren’t meeting your needs any more. Only by having an eye exam will you know whether or not your current lenses are strong enough. If not, you’ll need to have your prescription updated.

If you don’t have frequent check-ups, you’ll return to having vision problems, and the other symptoms that this can be associated with, such as headaches. Or if you buy over-the-counter glasses, they won’t be tailored to your vision, and so won’t have the desired effect.

The second reason why eye exams are so important is that they can pick up the early signs of eye disease.

Conditions such as age-related macular degeneration, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and glaucoma can all be detected during an eye exam (so long as it’s carried out by a specially trained eye doctor or optometrist). As with so many medical conditions, these eye diseases are all best caught in the early stages. This will help to prevent or slow the progression of the disease.

But if these eye conditions remain undetected and untreated, the person’s vision will be adversely affected. If the condition is then discovered in the later stages, the treatment may be more extensive that would otherwise have been needed, or it might even be ineffective.This can lead to devastating consequences, including the partial or total loss of sight on a permanent basis.

How often do I need an eye exam?

So what do we mean by regular? Exactly how often should you get your eyes tested?

Well we recommend that if you’re diabetic or under the age of 14, you should have an eye exam every six months (so twice a year). This is because diabetes can lead to an eye condition called diabetic retinopathy, and it must be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible, or it could result in blindness. And as for children under the age of 14, their eyes are changing rapidly, so their eye care needs can quickly alter.

For children between the ages of 15 and 18, it’s sufficient to have an eye exam once a year, as their eyes aren’t changing quite so rapidly. We also recommend that adults over the age of 65 have an annual eye exam, as there are a number of age-related eye conditions that can develop, and regular tests will ensure these are picked up and treated.

For everyone else – meaning those between the ages of 19 and 64 – we suggest that you have an eye exam at least once every two years.

Walk in eye exam near me

Our aim is to provide the general public with total eye care at affordable prices.

When you come to us for an eye exam, we’ll carry out a comprehensive review of your eye health. We can pick up on any underlying issues that require further investigation and treatment. And if we believe you would benefit from prescription lenses, or your current prescription needs to be revised, we will recommend corrective lenses based on your test results.

We want to make things as convenient as possible for you, which is why we have 19 different stores locations spread across Metro Vancouver, Greater Vancouver, the Fraser Valley, Vancouver Island and the Okanagan Valley.

And because regular eye exams are so important, we also want to make things as affordable as possible, ensuring everyone can access an eye doctor and benefit from good vision.

So if you’re looking for a walk in eye exam near you, please feel free to drop by one of our stores. Alternatively you can book an eye exam online, or call us on 604-685-3937.

Don’t forget to ask about our $89.95 eye exam and glasses deal!

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