Is it okay to wear expired contact lenses?

Is it okay to wear expired contact lenses?

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As a contact lens wearer, you have probably never thought about the fact that your contact lenses are basically medical devices, and as such, they do expire.

We are not always good about noticing when our medical devices expire. Unfortunately, we often just assume that we are going to use our contact lenses before the prescription expires. It is, however, very important to pay attention to the expiration date that is included in the instructions on your package, especially when it comes to contact lenses.

The reason for expiration dates on contact lenses

Before they are packaged, contact lenses are sterilized immediately after they’re manufactured. Because of this process, your lenses are sterile and uncontaminated when you receive them. You have probably noticed that the package your lenses come in has an airtight seal, which assures your lenses remain safe to use. Over time, however, the seal on the package can become compromised, allowing air into the package, which can cause the lenses and solution to become contaminated.

Never wear expired lenses

You should never wear expired contact lenses for many reasons. If the seal has been compromised, there is a chance that bacteria or a fungus has begun to grow on your lenses because of the air that has leaked into the package. This could be very dangerous for your eyes. There is also a chance that the solution that your contacts are in could become more alkaline or acidic, which would make the lenses uncomfortable and possibly result in an infection in your eyes.

Find out when your lenses expire

The expiration date (usually found in a “mm/yyyy” format) is usually found on the outside of the product package. Contact lenses are usually good for about 3 to 4 years after they are manufactured, so be sure to check the date when you purchase them. Also, it’s a good idea to always err on the side of caution and check the date before you insert a new pair.

We are about your safety and want to make sure your eyes are safe from harm. We hope that we have helped you understand the importance of paying attention to the expiration date on your contact lenses.

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