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You will receive a pair of free Canucks tickets (8 games to choose from) if two people come in for two eye exams anytime during December 1st 2018 to December 31st 2018!! Remember, our eye exams are only $89.95, they come with free glasses too!

Here’s the 8 games for you to choose from:

Fri, Jan 18
Canucks Vs Buffalo Sabres
Wed, Jan 23
Canucks Vs Carolina Hurricanes
Mon, Feb 11
Canucks Vs San Jose Sharks
Thur, Feb 21
Canucks Vs Arizona Coyotes
Mon, Feb 25
Canucks Vs Ny Anaheim Ducks
Wed, Mar 13
Canucks Vs New York Rangers
Wed, Mar 20
Canucks Vs Ottawa Senators
Thur, Mar 28
Canucks Vs LA Kings

Couple Things To Keep In Mind:

1. Both of you must have the eye exams at the same location on the same date.
2. Canucks will directly send you a pair of electronic tickets.
3. You will receive the tickets one to two weeks before the game.
4. To avoid confusion, Canucks will send only one of you the pair of tickets.
5. Let us know whom you prefer to receive the tickets.

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