How to Choose Glasses for People with Dry Eyes

How to Choose Glasses for People with Dry Eyes

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Choosing the right pair of glasses can be a challenge at the best of times. There is an almost limitless number of styles, colours, frames, and lenses to pick from.

But when you have an acute eye condition, the task can take on a new dimension of difficulty.

What is Dry Eye Syndrome?

Dry eye syndrome is one of the most painful and frustrating eye-related problems you can have.

It occurs when the films and tear ducts of your eyes fail to produce sufficient amounts of moisture to cleanse and refresh your eyeballs. This, in turn, makes it extremely hard to maintain the clarity of your vision and the quality of your sight.

The effects can be uncomfortable at best and intolerable at worst. One way to deal with them is with vapor shield glasses.

These are thick-rimmed glasses that wrap around your head in order to reduce your eyes’ exposure to fog and external moisture, thus limiting your susceptibility to the symptoms of dry eye syndrome.

According to the former-microbiologist-turned-health-journalist, Bryn Nelson, dry eye syndrome can quite literally ruin some people’s lives.

“Studies suggest that moderate to severe dry eye can disrupt someone’s quality of life just as much as hospital dialysis or moderate to severe angina, while mild dry eye can be as disruptive as severe migraines,” Nelson wrote in a major article on the subject in 2015.

“And some researchers believe that the true spectrum of associated pain can range from occasionally scratchy eyes that could be alleviated with a simple change in lifestyle or environment to severe and unrelenting stabbing sensations that will resist nearly every intervention.”

What Should Dry Eye Glasses Do?

There are, however, a number of ways to tackle dry eye, including drops, ointments, and a range of other, more invasive, treatments.

But perhaps the most direct kind of remedy is dry eyeglasses.

Dry eyeglasses are glasses designed specifically to manage, control and reduce the symptoms and causes of dry eye syndrome. Indeed, clinical studies suggest that these glasses can reduce tear evaporation and increase overall comfort.

It’s important to know what to look for in dry eyeglasses so that you can select a pair the deliver the best value for money, as well as the most lasting and decisive solution to your problem.

Dry eyeglasses should do the following things:

They need to have advanced eye moisture retention technology, with eye foams or linings that are positioned around the eye area.

They should wrap around the temples of the head so that they function as protective barriers against common eye irritants such as the wind, dust, and debris.

They should be built from hypoallergenic materials so that they don’t trigger an allergic response or otherwise further irritate the skin around the eyes.

Their lenses should block harmful UVA and UVB rays, and their frames should be built to accommodate a variety of lenses.

And then, of course, they should perform all the functions that any other good pair of glasses should: they should be attractive and stylish; they should fit comfortably; they should improve your vision, and they should be durable and affordable.

Any pair of dry eye glasses that doesn’t meet his criteria should probably be discounted.

Dry eyeglasses are specialist glasses. That means, in order to find exactly the right pair for you, you may have to shop around a while, checking out different websites and stores, and talking to different optometrists and eye experts.

But it’ll definitely be worth the effort, for the long-term health benefits they will provide.


And just two final observations.

Firstly, even once you’ve found the best set of glasses for your dry eye problem, it’s really important to keep booking regular eye check-ups with an eye specialist.

As with other aspects of your health, the sooner any potential issue is identified, the easier it will be to mitigate its effects.

Secondly, just because you are wearing glasses that perform a specific medical purpose, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t also put you at the cutting edge of fashion. Dry eyeglasses are increasingly common because the problem of the dry eye itself is very common.

As a result, the range of style and designs they are available in is becoming broader.

So make sure that you invest in a set of dry eyeglasses that do exactly what they are supposed to do, which improves not just your vision, but the overall quality and comfort of your life.

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