5 Outfit Hacks with Glasses

5 Outfit Hacks with Glasses

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Wearing a pair of shades or glasses that matches your outfit is a fashion-must. Glasses are not only a crucial factor in protecting your eyes, but they can unyieldingly complement your persona. Most people are not properly aware of what glasses go with which outfit. Let’s talk about some of the different pairs of glasses and the outfits that work well together.

Printed Sunglasses

Printed glasses are one of the most famous types of sunglasses and they have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Floral prints, stripes and similar designs are used on the frames of these glasses and they can be used for different informal occasion. The best outfit to go with these kinds of glasses would be to go casual. Keep your outfit toned down with a pair of shorts or Bermuda shorts with tank tops and sandals. This outfit can make the printed glasses stand out.
5 Outfit Hacks with Glasses - Printed Glasses


Aviators are the only types of cheap glasses which can complement any outfit and make you stand out in the crowd. Aviators can also be used at formal events such as formal dinners, ceremonies and such events. Aviators have been popular since the 80’s and can give you a ‘superstar’ feeling. You can pair aviators with different outfits such as a 3-piece suit, or even just semi-informal outfits – jeans, a sweat shirt and loafers.
5 Outfit Hacks with Glasses - Aviators

Transparent Lenses

These are one of the most formal types of glasses one could wear. With sleek and elegant frames the transparent lens of these glasses are one of a kind. People can use these rather cheap glasses on many occasions such as formal dinners, graduation ceremonies etc. One of the best outfits to go with these transparent lens glasses is simple dress pants, with dress shirts and loafers or other styles of dress shoes.
5 Outfit Hacks with Glasses - Transparent Lenses


Side-detailed glasses are with the most unique yet stylish look to go with everything you wear on a sunny day. These glasses are best paired with a floral printed tank top or T-shirt and casual pajamas or Bermuda pajamas. A simple pair of sandals under this outfit would bring out your persona to the max.
5 Outfit Hacks with Glasses - Side Detailed Glasses


One of the most famous glasses in today’s time and age, are the wayfarers. Wayfarers, never-going-out-of-style, were launch by Rayban and just like aviators, Wayfarers can be worn with anything. However, keeping it casual and informal would always be a good way to show off your style.
5 Outfit Hacks with Glasses - Wayfarers

We’ve mentioned several types of glasses that work well with different types of outfits. In many cases, an outfit simply isn’t complete with a pair of glasses. If you ever need styling help, definitely contact the fashionable sales representatives at any Image Optometry location, and they’ll be happy to help choose a pair of glasses to fit your style.

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