What Men Need to Know About Their Glasses Frames

What Men Need to Know About Their Glasses Frames

It may not be immediately apparent, but there are a few subtle yet significant differences between glasses frames for men and glasses frames for women.

For one thing, because men tend to have larger heads and broader bone structures than women, their frames have to be wider.

Moreover, men tend to pick neutral colours for their frames – black, grey, brown, and steel, for instance – while women have a much more varied range of tastes and preferences.

When it comes to frame styles, there is a growing trend towards unisex designs, and there is absolutely no reason that a man can’t wear a pair of women’s glasses if they work for him, or vice versa.

But if you are specifically on the hunt for a really good pair of men’s frames, then you should probably bear a few of the tips below in mind.

They are sure to come in handy as you embark on your search for exactly the right set of super-stylish, yet lasting and affordable, new glasses!


In 2017, vintage still reigns supreme.

Fifties’ and sixties’ rims with oversized frames and a brown or wood-finished design is still popular amongst men.

“Browline frames are defined by a top-heavy, strong frame along the line of the brow and temples,” according to the men’s style magazine, Gentleman’s Gazette.

“The lenses are suspended from the top of the frame by thin metal wires, drawing the eye upwards. This style is iconic of the ‘50s and ‘60s [and it’s] great for creative types or those who simply want to blend classic style with a bold statement.”

The other major style trend just now is the hipster frame, which tends to be thick and black, and which comes in an awesome range of colours and designs.

Hipster glasses are 2017’s du jour fashion trend – you’ll never be out of style wearing them.


Strong, durable frames are another hugely important thing to consider when purchasing a new set of glasses.

Men lead active lives and it can be all too easy to scuff, damage, or break glasses over the course of a busy working week.

Titanium and titanium alloy frames are both very robust, and even some forms of sustainable wood can cope with significant amounts of wear and tear.

Plastic, on the other hand, is relatively susceptible to breakage, and may not be the ideal choice for a guy who’s always on the move.

“One drawback to plastic frames is they need special care when warming during adjustments because they can easily pit, and the finish can be damaged if overheated”,
the online health resource, EyeHealthWeb, warns.

“They are more easily broken than metal frames, and exposure to sunlight decreases their strength slightly.


Like any feature of your wardrobe, a brand, spanking new pair of glasses frames can either be super expensive – fine eyewear brands such as Lindbergh and Karen Walker come to mind – or relatively affordable.

Yet, cost isn’t always a reliable guide to quality.

If you look hard enough, you can find excellent, stylish, and durable glasses frames for men that won’t force you to option a second mortgage on your house.

The consumer-savvy website LifeHacker suggests online retailers such as Warby Parker, Eye By Direct, and Zenni Optical as the best sources of fairly cheap yet high-quality eyewear.

Cutting out the in-store middleman, it argues, could result in huge benefits for your wallet:

“Shopping for glasses used to mean dealing with salesmen and the meagre selection at a store in the mall. Now you can order better frames online, for less money, with better customer service.”


All that being said, before you dish out the cash on a new set of rims, the most important thing to do – the absolute unavoidable precondition of success – is to consult a professional.

Glasses might be important fashion accessories – they can, of course, completely change your personal look and style.

But they are also, above all, key components of a healthy and happy life for anyone who suffers from vision loss or sight impairment.

The frames exist to hold the lenses, and it’s the lenses that ultimately, truly, when-you-dig-right-down-to-the-bottom-of-it, matter.

That doesn’t mean that glasses frames for men shouldn’t compete at the cutting edge of today’s rapidly evolving fashion and style trends.

They should, and you should look nothing less than absolutely bawse when you put them on.

Just take some time to consider the advice above before you buy.

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You know it makes sense!

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