Top Fashion Glasses in 2017

Top Fashion Glasses in 2017

Admission: I have 20/20 vision and at least 20 pairs of glasses.

Are spectacles for seeing or being seen? Actually, both. Glasses are more functional than ever, but they’re also more than ever about form (fashion).

My penchant for peepers isn’t wholly vanity based – I’m old, so now, rather than drag around a pair of reading glasses, I’d rather adorn some facial furniture and forgo the fumbling for acuity betterment when checking texts or perusing paperwork with a variety of fashionable vessels to contain my progressive lenses.

…and eyeglasses, like a new ‘do’, or some stud duds are the fastest avenue to your facial makeover (it’s a fact the first place we look is right in the eyes!)

So what’s too cool for school in 2017?

Well as the owner of Image Optometry and the largest online optical store in the world, I’m able to objectively pick the top fashion glasses in 2017 based on our inventory’s database of 11,735 unique eyeglass styles:

Hottest shapes

Rectangle stays at #1

Oval still a mainstay but losing ground to the increasingly popular round.

Aviator’s stays strong.


Black, brown, but tortoise will likely take over second spot by next quarter. A culmination of big bold, and brassy colors like Blue, Red, Pink, Turquoise and even white are combining to surge into second place.

Frame types are still strong for full frames, while semi-rimless and rimless have drastically fallen off in this decade and acetate (plastic) is still the number one material.

What brands are tops in transactions?

  1. Ray Ban
  2. Prada
  3. Gucci
  4. Emporio Armani
  5. Versace
  6. Vogue
  7. Coach
  8. Pablo Zanetti
  9. Nerd

Now the million dollar question (and accompanying answer), what specific models murder their match?

  1. Gucci GG 3072 807
  2. Ray Ban RB 1528 3542 L
  3. Versace MOD 3211 GB1
  4. Emporio Armani EA 3005 5026
  5. Ray Ban RB 1536 3529 L
  6. Ray Ban RB 5228 5545
  7. Versace MOD 3192-B GB1
  8. Ray Ban RB 7047 5196 L
  9. Emporio Armani EA 3038 5211
  10. Oakley OX 1074-0651 Junkyard

While poor eye sight is more treatable than ever, with refractive surgery, high tech contact lenses implants and orthokeratology (contact lenses that correct your vision while you sleep), while beauty is only skin deep, fashion is to the bone!

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