The Glaucoma Checklist

The Glaucoma Checklist


Glaucoma is an eye disease that can deal permanent damage to your optic nerve, so you must absolutely NOT ignore this problem. When a person has glaucoma, they have increased pressure on their optic nerve fibers, impairing their ability to perceive images to the brain from the retina. As a result of this damage, the individual will develop blind spots and slowly lose their vision.

“The most critical thing to know about glaucoma is that damage is irreversible and permanent”

Glaucoma: Surprising Facts

Although glaucoma is the leading cause of blindness across the world, there are a large number of people who are completely unaware of its existence and consequences. The surprising fact is that many people who have this disease are completely ignorant of the fact that they are slowly losing their sight, until an optometrist examines them. The blind areas that occur as a result of glaucoma are frequently overlooked until a substantial loss of vision has already occurred. In some cases, the optic nerve is so badly damaged that the eye can no longer see. Early detection and treatment is key to prevention of blindness in such patients.

Common Symptoms of Glaucoma (The Checklist)

To ensure that you are not at risk of losing your eyesight to this eye disease, watch out for these common symptoms:

  • Difficulty in quickly adjusting to darkness
  • Pain in and around the eyes
  • Difficulty in focusing on objects that are too near or too far
  • Abnormal sensitivity to bright light
  • Red rimmed eyes
  • Swelling in the eye lids
  • Dark spots especially in the center of your viewing area
  • Ghost images
  • Distortion when viewing lines or edges


  • Glaucoma is more common with age
  • Glaucoma is hereditary – if your family members have it, your chances of having glaucoma is exponentially greater
  • Glaucoma is more 6 – 8x more common in African Americans than Caucasians

If you have not had your eyes checked by an optometrist in the past year, you should schedule an appointment right away. Don’t risk being caught off guard by glaucoma, or any other eye conditions. Should you happen to have laser eye surgery or cataract surgery, glaucoma will complicate things a whole lot, increasing both your costs and risks of infection.

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