How Sports Prescription Eyewear Benefits Athletes

How Sports Prescription Eyewear Benefits Athletes

Sport fuels thousands of people every day to run faster, climb higher, and become stronger.

It’s the arena that lets everyone have fun, get fit, or just spend time with their friends.

But playing sports can be tough for people who have vision problems.

Contact lenses can pop out and need replacing.

Expensive everyday eyeglasses aren’t built to withstand the jostling and impact of most sports.

For a lot of people the solution lies in sports prescription eyewear.

I know “sports prescription eyewear” doesn’t exactly strike fear in the opponent’s heart.

But today’s sport glasses have improved a lot since the days of Kurt Rambis and Horace Grant.

And they still deliver the same great benefits to athletes.

Play better. And look great while doing it.

When you don’t need to deal with blurred vision, you can reach higher levels of performance.

Wearing sports prescription eyewear when you’re competing ups your game and allows you to be your best.

In a 2003 study, optometrist Geraint Griffiths, backed up the theory that visual acuity affects sports performance.

Griffiths gave goggles that blurred the vision of Wimbledon tennis players and champion clay pigeon marksmen.

He then tested their performance with the goggles and without.

Although the goggles only hindered the participants’ vision slightly, the tennis players and marksmen still showed a 25% decrease in their performance.

This landmark study and others that came after it proved the importance of vision correction in sports performance.

Keep Your Eyes Safe from Preventable Injuries

Thousands of sports-related eye injuries happen every year.

A brief lapse in concentration can lead to a ball striking you in the eye.

Tangling with an opponent could cause an accidental poke in the eye during the heat of competition.

But hey, accidents happen.

Fortunately, 90% of eye injuries are preventable.

Basketball and baseball cause the most eye injuries.

Sports can be categorized as low-risk, high-risk or very high risk.

Low-risk sports include gymnastics, track and field, swimming, or cycling.

High-risk sports feature a ball, puck, stick, or racquet.

These sports also involve body contact like hockey, baseball, basketball, and football.

Sports like boxing or martial arts that do not use eye protectors are considered very high-risk.

Your vision shouldn’t be the reason you stop playing a sport you love.

Sports prescription eyewear is readily available to aid your vision and protect your eyes from common eye injuries:

  1. Blunt Trauma – Playing sports exposes you to flying projectiles, out of control limbs, and errant sticks. Any one of these can cause trauma to your eye. Black eyes are fairly common. But blunt trauma can also cause an orbital fracture, a ruptured globe, or a detached retina.
  2. Penetration – Wearing glasses that break during an activity can cause cuts in your eye. Someone’s fingers or another object can also cause these penetration injuries.
  3. Radiation – This type of injury is most common in outdoor sports where your eyes are exposed to the sun. Even low-risk sports like cycling or running may require sports prescription eyewear to improve your vision and protect your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Wearing eye protection reduces the chance of suffering from these injuries.

It can also limit the severity of the injury.

Protect yourself from these common eye injuries.

Consult your eye doctor about your specific sport and the best way to protect your eyes.

Your doctor can provide you with a prescription for sport-safe eyeglasses or sunglasses.

They can also make sure your sports prescription eyewear fits perfectly.

Be More Comfortable on the Field

Consulting your eye doctor to make sure you have proper fitting eyewear for sports makes a huge difference in your comfort.

You can focus on the game rather than fumbling with slipping frames.

Sports prescription eyewear relies on proper sizing.

Too big and they may not stay on during intense activity.

Too small and they may disturb your peripheral vision.

Either way they won’t be comfortable to wear.

Comfort doesn’t just refer to fit.

Comfort also refers to the level of confidence you get when your eyes are properly protected while playing a high-risk sport.

Get the Most Out of Your Sports Prescription Eyewear

Finding the right fit for your eyes is one of the steps to making sure you get the most out of your sports prescription eyewear.

Other factors you need to consider include:

  1. Getting the right glasses for your sport – Sport-specific glasses are available for a number of sports like tennis, racquetball, basketball and soccer. Some sport glasses are also designed to fit underneath football, hockey, and baseball helmets.
  2. Wearing polycarbonate lenses – This lens material is impact-resistant, thin, and light. Polycarbonate also has built in UV protection making it ideal for outdoor sports.
  3. Advice for Contact Lens Wearers – Choose a style that wraps slightly around your face. This helps keep wind and dust from getting in your eyes.

Learn more about how you can protect your eyes and improve your sports performance.

Book an appointment with Image Optometry and we’ll make sure you’re at the top of your game. Image Optometry is offering free glasses with eye exam in various locations including the popular Surrey Guildford branch.

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