Tips on Shopping for Designer Glasses Online

Tips on Shopping for Designer Glasses Online

Shopping online for glasses is a minefield.

Even when you have a specific item in mind that you need or want, it’s still hard figuring out exactly what’s going to work for you when you can’t try on items, or see them in person.

And, when it’s something that you really want to try on, like, say, glasses, that instinct is even more prevalent.

But the online revolution has conquered shopping for just about anything, and that includes buying your designer glasses online.

There are no shortage of skeptics when it comes to buying glasses online.

After all, some people are skeptical buying a head of lettuce online, and the worst case scenario there is that you get a rotten one and are out three dollars.

Designer glasses often have a heftier price tag on them than run-of-the-mill glasses you can’t trust, and they must be absolutely perfect for your face to maximize their potential.

Even if a pair of glasses technically fits and you can see out of them, they might not be the right pair for you.

So, how do you conquer shopping for designer glasses online?

Look no further.

Research the website

Some online retailers have top marks from the Better Business Bureau.

Others, to put it kindly, don’t.

That’s not the only tool to use though, it’s helpful to see what other shoppers say about the company before committing somewhere.

Hint: Google the site you’re considering buying from along with the word “complaints”.

Remember to ask for your pupillary distance

When having your eyes examined, ask your doctor for this number.

You’ll need it if you shop for glasses online.

While this can be measured online and there are several sites that will show you how to do it, it’s best to trust a professional.

Often, optometrists won’t include it with your prescription, but it’s needed to buy designer glasses online.

What type of lens is best for you?

You’ll also want to ask the doctor what type of lens is best for you, such as a bifocal, trifocal or progressive lens.

Make sure you know what style suits your eyes best.

Are they covered?

Does the site take your insurance?

If not, can you pay for your glasses yourself and submit for reimbursement?

Not checking can simply be a waste of money if you’re covered.

Resist buying frames you can’t try on

Many websites offer tools that let you test frames virtually by uploading a photo of your face.

But trying on frames in the real and while that can work, you won’t find it as comforting or as accurate as trying them on the old-fashioned way.

You don’t want to look like this!

That way you can tell whether they’re comfortable.

Trying them on may also give you a clue that they’re poorly made.

Before buying glasses online, you can find frames locally and try them on first.

Image Optometry has 17 locations in the greater Vancouver area and has an online store offering free eye exam when purchasing online!

Feel free to drop by and try out some frames!

Also, if you’ve gone to a brick-and-mortar shop in the past, there’s a good chance they have your information on hand.

Examine the return policy and warranty

A retailer’s policies are especially important when buying online, where typically you must pay for your glasses before you receive them.

Find out if the online seller will remake your lenses if there’s a problem or error in the craftsmanship or prescription.

Enter your prescription carefully

All those numbers and unfamiliar terminology, such as “axis,” “sphere,” and “cylinder,” can make prescriptions complicated.

It’s easy to blunder when transferring the data to a website form.

Some retailers may ask you to upload an image of the prescription to avoid potential errors.

It’s also very helpful to get your eyes checked right before you purchase your designer glasses online.

Yes you may have your old prescription lying around and claim that your old glasses worked just fine, but prescriptions can change pretty quickly.

Make sure yours is as up to date as possible.

Likewise, if you receive your new glasses and have some trouble seeing with them, ask the online retailer to verify that the lenses were created using the proper prescription.

If that checks out, go back to your doctor, who can recheck the lenses and make sure a mistake wasn’t made during your examination.

Check out the quality of materials

Be sure to look at the quality of materials that are used to construct the frames and lenses for any retailer that you are shopping at.

Quality materials make all the difference in determining how long your glasses will last and how good they’ll look on you.

So, try to choose a retailer that uses the highest quality materials, and make sure that they offer scratch resistant lenses.

Know when you need a pro

If the frames need adjustment, many websites provide instructions on doing the job yourself.

But it’s less risky to have a professional do it.

Many walk-in retailers will adjust glasses purchased elsewhere, such as online, but you may have to pay for this service.

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