Choosing the Right Sunglasses

Choosing the Right Sunglasses

Choosing Right Sunglasses

Now that Summer is upon us, it is a smart idea to wear sunglasses. With so many selections to choose from (Image Optometry has thousands), how do you choose the right sunglasses? We list down the criteria based on fit, color, material and more.

Sunglasses Fit

Fit is arguably the most important criteria when choosing your sunglasses. You need to make sure that the glasses fit comfortably on your face and not pushed way out or touching your eyelashes.

“When it comes to sunglasses, I want to look stylish and glasses have to line up with my brow,” says avid sunglasses fan Justin Chan. “Sunglasses are lifestyle accessories, but you also have to remember their function, which is to protect your eyes from UV rays seeping onto your skin.”

Perfectly fitted sunglasses will block UV light from damaging your eyes. It can also block sand and allergens, so you can enjoy the outdoors.

Black Colored Sunglasses

Be careful when wearing black colored sunglasses. Black lens doesn’t necessarily mean that the sunglasses will block UV light. You need to make sure to read the labels and see if the sunglasses provide UV protection.


A $500 pair of sunglasses at an optometrist shop or a $20 one found in a gas station – what’s better for your eyes? The more expensive pair of sunglasses is probably made of higher quality material while the gas station sunglasses is probably made out of plastic. If both offer UV protection, then it’s simply a matter of taste. Some people want to feel great knowing that they’re wearing an expensive pair of sunglasses. As for others, they only care about the protection.

Polarized Lens

Polarized lens cut glare, so they are a particularly popular option for fishermen and aquatic adventurers to help reduce glare from the water. However, wearing polarized lens will make it harder for you to look at your phone, monitors or computers. You also have to be careful, as polarized lens don’t necessarily offer UV protection.

Finding the Perfect Pair

With thousands of selections to choose from right here in Vancouver, you could be spending weeks trying to find the pair that is right for you. Image Optometry has 16 locations in BC, and our staff is more than willing to help you understand your sunglasses options and find you the right pair for your tastes. Choosing the right sunglasses is certainly not easy, but very rewarding. You can also check Image Optometry’s massive collection of sunglasses online, or book an appointment.

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