Are Contact Lenses Right For You?

Are Contact Lenses Right For You?

Are Contact Lens Right For You

Millions of people all over the world have transitioned from traditional glasses to contact lenses, but how do you know if contacts are the right option for you? Eyewear is a direct reflection of your personality, and there are multiple things to consider to ensure that your selection makes the right statement about you. Whether a person is looking to make a slight cosmetic change or even a drastic one, contact lenses are an extremely affordable way to alter one’s image. Our team of experts at Image Optometry are ready and waiting to meet with you. They provide a full-service approach to vision and eye health care while offering the latest technology in eyewear with products from top designers. If you are interested in contact lenses, they can help you determine which lens would work best.

Many Things to Consider

There are many things to take into account when considering contacts. Some people are looking to wear contacts full time, while others are seeking to have contacts as a part-time alternative to their glasses. Either way, contacts provide a safe and comfortable solution to correcting vision.


As with anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to contact lenses. When choosing a lens one must consider personality as well as lifestyle. Contacts provide an excellent option for people who simply don’t like the way that they look when they wear glasses. It allows others to see your facial features and natural beauty better. There are more than just cosmetic advantages though. For people with very high prescriptions, contact lenses can improve peripheral vision by removing the thick frame of your glasses. Contacts also sit right on the surface of the eye thus avoiding the negative effects of various weather conditions that can disrupt your vision while wearing glasses, like when your lenses fog up with changes in temperature or the way they collect beads of water when it rains. Contacts tend to be a great option for people who play sports or live very active lifestyles as they will never fall off during vigorous activities.


There are some disadvantages to wearing contact lenses that are particularly significant and should also be considered when deciding if contacts are right for you. They can become a hassle when it comes to care and upkeep. Most contact lenses have to be removed and cleaned on a daily basis. Often, people will need to apply hydrating eye drops for added comfort while they are worn. Additionally, most contact lenses are disposable soft lenses. As such, they have to be replaced often. There are harder gas permeable lens options as well that are not disposable. However, they are more rigid, and most patients find that the softer disposable lenses are more comfortable.

Professional Assistance

doctor contacts

The professionals at Image Optometry can help when choosing between glasses or contact lenses. Aside from the pros and cons mentioned above, there are also medical considerations that should be thought through when selecting vision products. Doctors will find the right contact lenses for people who experience frequent allergies that cause itching and irritation in the eyes. They will also take into consideration where a person works and what they do for a living. Someone who works around a lot of dust, dirt and debris would be at a high risk for having something enter into their eye that would irritate the eye, decrease vision or scratch the surface of the eye itself. People who are experiencing dry eyes for any reason, including pregnancy or medications, are recommended to use glasses more than contacts for added comfort. Other medical conditions can affect a person’s fine motor skills, making it extremely difficult to insert, remove, and clean the lens.

There are some cases where doctors will advise contacts over regular frames. They are particularly useful for athletes who have to consider keeping clear vision throughout dynamic activity. Additionally, the effects of increased body temperature will not cause the lenses to fog up, thus allowing for clear vision through the entire sporting event.

There are many things to consider cosmetically, medically, and practically when making the choice to use contact lenses. They provide a comfortable and convenient option that moves with the person’s eyes, thus making for clear, unimpeded vision the entire time that they are worn. They allow others to see a person’s eyes without the distraction of glasses and don’t take away from one’s natural beauty. However, there are also many cases when glasses are the preferred option. The best way to know if contacts are the right product for you is to talk with the experts at Image Optometry who will get to know you and will make a recommendation on the best product to enhance your vision so that you can feel confident with your eyewear.

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